Rescuing an Endangered Language: “The Little Prince” in Written Cantonese


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1486549126_46d8 The Cover of “The Little Prince in Cantonese”. Credits

“The Little Prince” has been translated into written Cantonese!  According to the translator, Thomas Tsoi, the book is going to be released at the end of February.

1486549124_55a6 In Written Cantonese. Credits

1486549120_4001 In Written Cantonese. Credits

Thomas Tsoi, a school teacher, explained his decision on translating the classic:

From the Editor

From ‘The Little Prince’ to Cantonese

(2nd paragraph) I’ve something to tell my readers before the book release, especially to the younger ones, because they might not understand the meaning behind the written Cantonese version of “The Little Prince”

Besides my love for the classic, another reason sparked my thought on publishing the book is my love for language. As a linguophile, I collect different versions of “The Little Prince”. During the collecting process, I noticed one thing – Both Germany and Italy printed the classic in dozens of local…

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4 Responses to Rescuing an Endangered Language: “The Little Prince” in Written Cantonese

  1. Lady Oscar says:

    太驚奇了! 小王子的廣東話版讓人耳目一新, 原來廣東話活生生是一門精彩的學問! 謝謝分享.

    • Jamiehon says:


  2. 書香家鄉計畫bookdonation says:


  3. 好得意。我學緊廣東話但係唔知小王子有廣東話版。

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